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On Regional Industrial Policy

The regional industrial policy implies a complex of legal, economic, organizational and other measures aimed at the development of the industrial potential of the region, ensuring production of competitive industrial products in its territory.

The regional industrial policy is determined by the directions and pace of social and economic development of the region, its budget, characteristics of internal competitive environment, environmental situation, resource potential, development of infrastructure, energy provision, and also considering the investment policy of a particular region.

Today the subjects of industrial policy conducted in the territory of the Russian Federation include, besides the RF Ministry of Industry and Trade, state corporations, strategic companies, the public sector, and regions that have their own development strategies. In this connection, it is hard to coordinate all the conducted policies of industry development stimulation.

To synchronize the activities, the RF Minister of Industry and Trade, Denis Manturov, singled out the regional industrial policy as an important area of the Ministry's activity.

By realizing the regional industrial policy, the RF Ministry of Industry and Trade sets the aim of ensuring the balance in the industrial development of different territories by concentrating the efforts on launch and support of the projects that conform to the specific aspects of each region, its possession of transport, energy and raw materials, possibilities of integration into the existing and promising production and cooperation chains.

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