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Open data

Open Data in Russian, over 100 sets

Conditions of open data use:

Open license

Open State Data — User Agreement

You can use the Open State Data provided by the publisher in accordance with the rules approved by this license.

Repeat use of the information in accordance with this license (hereinafter the License).

The Publisher gives the perpetual, free, non-exclusive right to the user of the open state data (hereinafter the Open Data) to use the Open Data in accordance with the following requirements.

The Open Data user has the right to:

  • Reproduce, copy, publish and transfer the Open Data;
  • Distribute and regroup the Open Data;
  • Adapt, modify, transform and/or extract information from the Open Data;
  • Use the open data for commercial purposes during production of a new products and/or service.

The Open Data user has the right to any use (including commercial one) if it provides reference to the source (it has to publish a note of the source: name or contact of the responsible representative by providing URL, that contains the initial variant of the Open Data).

The Open Data becomes accessible upon its direct production or upon receipt from the Owner without any other direct or indirect guarantees beyond this License.

The information owner guarantees that the Open Data is free in accordance with the License.

The consumer has an exclusive right to process the Open Data. In this case, the User shall not involve a third party into the process of processing and shall not distort the content of the Open Data, its source and time of last update.

Rights to Intellectual Property

The Publisher guarantees that the Open Data is not the Intellectual Property of a third party.

License Compatibility

To simplify the use of the open Data, this license was developed in accordance with other licenses that regulate the Open Data. This license does not contradict the CC-BY (Creative Commons) and ODC-BY (Open Knowledge Foundation) licenses

Standard conditions of using publicly accessible information published in the information and telecommunication network of Internet:

The standard conditions of using the open data contain explanations of norms of Russian Federation laws on information, information technologies and information protection, laws of the Russian Federation on provision of access to information on the activity of state authorities and local authorities, as well as by-laws. Link to the standard conditions of open data use:

Suber Warefare and Security "Security Code"


Denis Manturov, head of the delegation of the Ministry of industry and trade in India

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